MaisonMarianne X Starbucks Discoveries

MaisonMarianne X Starbucks Discoveries

extract movie starbucksnews drink starbucks making of starbucks starbucks and friendsMaison Marianne x Starbucks discoveries Fan’s Voice .

for the promotion of the 3 news starbucks drinks, MaisonMarianne was honored to be one of 10 ambassadors of starbucks discoveries ,like Crazykenband , famous japanese band .. etc, check it out !


extract of MaisonMarianne interview by Starbucks Discoverie :


What does “the coffee” mean to you?


coffee is my lifestyle, coffee is like the music of my life , each coffee i drink ,have important meaning for me .  » in Japan ,i was a little poor when i back to student … but the passion of coffee make me use « coffee beans » everyday …at this moment i wish the day i will became more rich i wish i could apreciate the coffee machine .

i remember when i came to japan as a guest for my job ( Coiffirstparis hair creator for show coiff1rst japan ), my friend naoko offer the possibility to drink  by her Coffee machine for 2 month ..then…i became poor …one period in my life ..sometime ,when i got my salary , i try to buy the coffee beans in the nearly starbucks where i started japanese school to wanna got the japanese hair license.

my french education and the parisian memories of the good coffee follow me until now …its funny thing is when i getting married ( Marianne is marry to a japanese architect work for KumaKengo associates ), my best wedding gift was the expresso machine . 

During 4 years , my goal is get the japaneses hair license , so i study a lot , at starbucks , the coffee and the wifi its good , the sensation to felt at home , especiaaly when they serve  you in the MUG , the smell  of the coffee is my obsession , i always selected my favorite coffee shop by the passion . 


What is the meaning of your “hair stylist” job to you?

i work for Coiff1rst paris , chic brand of hair  almost 20 years , then i decide to come to japan , to Coiff1rst japan , but without the japanese license i cant touch hair in japan … so i study japanese and follow every rules its was really hard .i make the most big effort in my life to restart  to Zero and became the first french women hairdresser in tokyo .

i learned from Coiff1rstparis to always make Custumers on the first Class, my relation with my client is dialogue and easy hair style , converge in a sincere and passionate interaction ,true friendship and the spirit of beautiful people come together is scissor clip , the result of friendly and quality.



Do you use/visit STARBUCKS cafe?

often ! im busy with the hair work which i dreaming in tokyo ! so i got my starbuck coffee Take out , to be warm in the work place .shooting or hair salon .

i use to visit starbuck during my period which i study my japanese license, sometime until the close hours .

at the beginning of my japan life style , i bought beans coffee to make my morning coffee at home .

the first time is was at Shibuya ,starbuck tsutaya , magic to see the famous crossing gate .


What taste/flavor do you like in STARBUCKS DISCOVERIES series?

my favorite is the Expresso starbucks discoverie , the real flavor is perfect for wake up me the Morning , so i can start my day , the true is ,i drink 3 times per day hahaha , after my lunch and at 4 pm !



(When do you want to drink/taste STARBUCKS DISCOVERIES?)

at the Morning , definitively the Expresso starbucks discoveries , then when i work in the Coiff1rst salon during the consulting  with my custumers , i d like to serve  the macha latte , or the caffe latte starbucks discoveries , we can talk easily and laugh  its very suit my philosophie friendly and quality ! 


What do you think about “new STARBUCKS DISCOVERIES”?

the new starbucks discoveries having an amazing flavor , and remind the real quality of the coffee, and congrats to the Macha latte if you are japanese lovers …  the expresso starbucks discoverie is definitively more strong taste  which i recommend higher ! 



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